De mer - is the Swiss-French company presenting their products on the European market of professional medical and cosmetic products for body care and has its own laboratory for the development and production. The best leading specialists and experts in the field of homeopathy, traditional and of innovative tools of the body recovery work over the recipe and composition of the products.

The company's mission is to make men and women beautiful, slim and healthy. Taking care for the safety of consumers and the reputation of the brand, the company has developed not only formulas of the natural absorption of environmentally friendly plant extracts and essential oils, but also a direct sales network only through the beauty salons or distributor agreement.

Today medical cosmetic formulations of De mer are successfully used by many people in France, Switzerland, England, Austria, and Russia. The company plans further development of products line, and considers proposals of partnership to enter the world market of professional beauty products for the treatment and care of the body.